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Career Edge provides a variety of FREE Employment Ontario services for Youth and Adults in Belleville, Campbellford, Napanee, Northbrook, Picton and Quinte West. Whether you are looking for your first job or your last, or you’re an employer needing employment services, Career Edge is here to help.

Resource & Information

  • Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
  • Computer/Internet Access
  • Fax/Photocopier Usage
  • Labour Market Information
  • Job Board
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Employment Counselling

  • Career Decision Making
  • Employment Planning
  • Access to Training Opportunities
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Job Development

  • Human Resource Assistance
  • Candidate Pre-Screening
  • Financial Training Incentives
  • Hosting Job Fairs on your Behalf
  • Space Available for Offsite Interviewing
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Workshops & Seminars

  • Smart Serve Certification
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Working at Heights
  • Resume and Cover Letter building
  • Interview Preparation
  • For all upcoming workshops and seminars, please visit: link to event calendar
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Key Features for Job Seekers

  • One to one career planning, job search advice and training
  • Skills training and development focused on local labour market opportunities
  • Referrals to complementary supports and services
  • Specialized services and support for clients from a range of backgrounds
  • Direct links to local employers and employer services
  • 12 months of retention support to ensure employment is sustainable

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There are many reasons why you should come into Career Edge. You might be simply looking for a job or for some assistance on your resume. You might be looking for some reference material. You may want to use our services for career exploration. Or, you may be looking for that perfect second career. Whatever the reason, Career Edge is here to help. Access our free services or contact us for more details today!

Our Employment Counsellors

  • Can review what you are currently doing in your job search and give you pointers to be more successful
  • Can determine if you are eligible for free training
  • Work with our Job Developers to learn who is hiring
  • Have access to jobs in the “hidden job market”

Many of our employers are willing to train you for the job they have open. These training opportunities are only available to clients who are meeting with an Employment Counsellor. Our goal is to identify your needs and then provide you with the tools, resources and support to help you get the edge on your goals!

We can help in a number of ways.  We provide:

  • An assessment of your skills and experience,
  • Information about different careers and occupations,
  • Local labour market, employment and training opportunities,
  • Information about all Employment Ontario programs and services,
  • Advice about and referral to other community services and support,
  • Job leads, as well as referrals to employers that hire exclusively through Career Edge