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Sous Chef – Head Pizzaiolo/Pizzaiola

Posted on September 13, 2021

Department: Food and Beverage
Reports to: Executive Chef/CDC/Exec Sous

The head Pizzaiolo supervises all activity in the pizza section, ensuring that their team is working safely, sanitarily and using techniques that are supported at the hotel. The Head Pizzaiolo monitors all product that is made in the bakery to ensure that it meets the Executive Chef’s exacting standards.

Primary tasks:

  • Accountable for all aspects of the pizza section
  • Works with the Executive Chef and management for scheduled resources, depending on business needs for the week
  • Collaborate and help design and maintain the style of dough and pizza for the hotel
  • Oversees the pizza section for all revenue centres of the hotel
  • Provides coaching and training to staff learning new techniques and/or having difficulty maintaining the pace in their particular station
  • Liaises closely with the F&B Floor Manager to ensure client satisfaction, and to understand the pace of the shift regardless of whether it is anticipated or unexpected
  • Addresses immediate concerns and reporting larger issues to the Executive Chef and/or kitchen management

Some of the Specific Skills Required:

  • Well versed and familiar in Neapolitan style pizza
  • Artisanal sour dough and commercially yeasted breads to work with various types of pizza dough and trouble shoot
  • Ability to work with wood fired pizza oven
  • A-la-carte menu inception and execution
  • An understanding and desire to work with seasonality


Relevant education and work experience will definitely contribute to your appeal as a candidate. However, demonstrating a natural aptitude for the tasks outlined above in conjunction with values that align with ours are the primary drivers of our hiring decisions.

The Royal Hotel as an employer:


We strive to create an environment in which every employee feels safe and supported, providing the opportunity to be happy at work. In leading by example, we embody thoughtful and attentive service along with respectful behaviour towards everyone we encounter.


We understand that our success rests on those who support and surround us. We see The Royal Hotel as part of an ecosystem of experiences, products and people that are contributing to the same vision for Prince Edward County.


We recognize that the behaviour of a few people cannot devastate the world of many. We see value in setting up systems and procuring products that take environmental, social and financial costs all into consideration.

Contact us:
You are welcome to reach out to us in a variety of ways.

  • Email:
  • Facebook: @theroyalhotelpicton
  • Instagram: @chefalbertponzo

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