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Kennel Attendant

Posted on November 24, 2022

Do you have what it takes to work with dogs? Many people think they do. Most of those people are wrong. In this, love isn’t enough. We’ll pass up 99 percent of applicants. Why? Many because they won’t read this posting, some because they read it and still think they should apply without the qualifications, and more yet because they have most of what we need on paper, but don’t fit the team. In truth, that’s okay. It isn’t anyone’s fault.

But then, our success comes down to the strength of our team. That’s why we have to be so particular about who we hire.

It isn’t that you need the strength of Wonder Woman. More that you have the magic of Mary Poppins mixed with the fortitude of Chuck Norris and perhaps having the unending energy of the Energizer Bunny. 

Here’s the thing. Our guests are like family. And like our family, some are light and fluffy while others seem like they’re angry like Cujo. The problem lies in the fact that you can’t tell the difference without experience and you can’t let it affect you. 

That’s why we ask that you either have professional experience working with dogs or post-secondary education in a relevant field. 

The job consists of the following:

– Animal care (feeding, playing with dogs, recognizing animal behaviours) 

– Room Cleaning (a lot of them) 

– Customer care (communicating with clients, checking in clients, giving tours of the facility) 

– Dog grooming (Bathing, nails, brushing) 

– Picture taking (way more than you’re used to) 

– Yard maintenance (lawnmowing, gardening, picking up mountains of dog poop) 

Starting wage is $18-$25, depending on experience.

Interested candidates should send resumes with ‘Kennel Attendant’ in the subject line to

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