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Wonderful Testimonial!

Our Career Edge Staff would like you to know that we greatly appreciate feedback!  We love to know that you have found work!  We love to know that your training was a success!  Finding happiness in your career is a daunting task and should always be celebrated!

Thank you to Lyndon for his glowing testimonial!


“I am just writing to compliment one of your staff. I recently immigrated to Canada from Australia and was looking to apply for work, revamp my CV and understand the employment market in Quinte. I found Megan Brown to be very kind, helpful and genuinely passionate about helping others, since meeting with her I have had two job offers, which is great.

I thought I would pass on some positive feedback, as I feel what your team does is very important and at times I could imagine that this role could be being a  thankless job. But I really appreciate the help and support you and your team have offered. It’s world class.”

Thanks again!


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