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The Shock of Unemployment

The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers has become very popular with unemployed persons in the Trenton area, aged 55-64yrs old, that want to go back to work.

For many the shock of unemployment, after years of gainful employment, has been disorienting and confusing. Resumes, cover letters, online applications and interview techniques have evolved so much in the last few years that for someone being faced with the challenge of job search for the first time in many years it is overwhelming.

Through the workshops participants have found kindred spirits who they could network with and exchange ideas. Through evaluation we frequently here statements such as:

“ ….the workshops helped to raise my self-esteem and confidence”

“….the biggest benefit has been to have my outlook raised from discouraged to positive and hopeful; to have my experiences and skills reassessed to see how much I do have to offer.”

We have exceeded government targets in helping participants to find employment and have a high percentage of participants who have benefited from updating their skills and certification to be more competitive in our local labour market.


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