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The Best Project Manager Cover Letter You Can Comprise


There comes a time when a project manager job ad appears on a school’s board or website. There might be suitable applicants for the role among teachers or parents. Nevertheless, they will need to have quality application files to get the job.

Project management is financially and mentally beneficial in a school where children learn through the institution’s initiatives. Before applying to this job, it’s time for adults to learn how to make appealing resumes and cover letters.

How the Best Project Manager Cover Letter Looks

The project manager cover letter is essential, especially since it makes you stand out from competitors, which is why make sure to Click Here and find the best templates to create an impact on your next interview. It makes your application look more human and provides insight on your skills and intentions. Before writing your letter, you should research on how they should look and sound. Go through some project manager cover letter examples and make notes about what information is worthy to be included.

First Paragraph: The Introduction

The project manager cover letter begins with an introduction of yourself. Apart from your essential contact details, the letter should state your present job and reason why you look for a new one. It also briefly shows why you might be suitable for such a position.

  • Add the contact details in the upper left side of the document.
  • Research the recruiter’s name and address him/her as such. Usually, they are the authors of the job posting.
  • Don’t be afraid to include your address. It may be relevant, especially if you live close to the school.
  • Don’t thank recruiters for reading your cover letter just yet. It makes you seem desperate – they haven’t begun reading.
  • Moreover, avoid beginning with I write to you because I want to apply for. This is irrelevant and boring for recruiters. You can just introduce yourself directly.

Second Paragraph: Current Job Details

The second paragraph should briefly outline your current job responsibilities. It can also describe the size of your team and what each project includes – if you work as a manager. You can also include information on how you apply former knowledge to the current job.

  • This is the eye-catching part of your project manager cover letter as it describes what you currently do and might be useful for your future employer. Therefore, refrain from including irrelevant information.
  • The paragraph can also include a lesson you’ve learned from the industry and helped you succeed in your current job.
  • Find the information which makes your background suitable for the job.

Third Paragraph: Achievements and Skills

The middle of your cover letter takes recruiters into your achievements and skills. Here you should outline your contribution as a project manager. By showing your achievements, you also imply your skills and results.

  • Each word has a meaning for the recruiter. Make sure you compile the essential information you want to include here and summarize it.
  • Make a subtle switch from achievements to skills, to back-up their functionality in your job.
  • You can back-up your information by numbers – such as company increasing sales with a specific percentage.
  • Feel free to briefly state a specific situation where you were proactive and came up with an effective solution.

Fourth Paragraph: Experience and Intentions

This section of your project manager cover letter contains lighter information but shows recruiters how you can later use your skills. Moreover, it makes a smooth pass to the future. Make sure you keep this paragraph below five sentences.

  • Use dynamic verbs and find a situation for each skill you want to show.
  • While thinking about this paragraph, also consider how you’ve contributed to the processes and culture from the entire organization.
  • If clients enjoyed your work, feel free to mention it.
  • If you lack experience in management, you can talk about courses, theory or contributions to a specific job.

Fifth Paragraph: You Call-to-Action

You get the chance to attract recruiters to contact you in the last paragraph of the letter. This is where you tell them when and how they can contact you. Also, you should include another reason why they might choose you for the job.

  • Add the company’s name, so that recruiters will know you’ve done your research.
  • Refrain from mentioning a previous salary or asking about their budget.
  • Also include why you are looking forward for their call.

Project Manager Cover Letter Essentials

  • Send the letter in a PDF format, which is compatible with most devices and laptops.
  • Review the document and make sure there are no typos or mistakes.
  • The cover letter is additional to your resume, so don’t copy or repeat information.
  • Take the time to research on the company and write a convincing document.

Wrapping Up

According to Glassdoor Canada, the average annual wage for a project manager is $84,000. The job is both demanding and worthy. However, make sure that you are aware that you will be monitoring, implementing, researching and handling an entire team.

Once your project manager cover letter is sent together with your resume, wait for the affirmative response. You might join a successful school and develop projects to bring it even more success.


Author bio:

Elizabeth Heron is an HR manager who oversees the execution of the company’s internal strategy. She helps employees to find their career goals and motivates them through the process of reaching the ideal job. She is the Senior Editor for iResumeCoverLetter, where you will easily find useful cover letters, resumes, and insightful tips & tricks.


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