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Chief Executive Officer

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Company Name Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation
Location Pikwakanagan, ON
Date Posted March 14, 2019
Category Business / Finance / Administration
Job Type Full-time
Criminal Record Check Required Yes
Driver's License Yes
Education University
Job Apply Please submit resume to:
Own Vehicle Yes
Rate of Pay 57,000-67,000 per annum
Skills Experience 3-5 years in leadership/management
Start Date immediately




The AoPFN Limited Partnership is a professional proactive and diverse business with the mandate to secure Economic Development, Business, and Investment opportunities designed to support AoPFN Members, Businesses and to establish AoPFN as viable partners in businesses and operations in construction and energy projects, services, and other projects aligned to current trends, future needs and economic growth opportunities for AoPFN.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) performs a critical and important role in managing the business activities of AoPFN Limited Partnership, its subsidiary businesses and key business partnerships. The CEO will seek and identify business ventures and investments aligned and responsive to the investment policy, strategic plans, and other guiding documents established for AoPFN Limited Partnership.  The CEO is responsible for the successful leadership and motivation of the AoPFN LP management team and is fully and directly accountable to the Board of Directors to pursue and manage business ventures and partnerships to maximize profits in alignment with the defined values and objectives of the AoPFN Limited Partnership.  The CEO is held to high standards related to ethical behaviours, the success of the organization, the completion of deliverables, and successful profitable outcomes in support of AoPFN. The CEO will have direct reporting employees to lead and supervise.  In light of these direct reports, as well as relationship management with the AoPFN Limited Partnership and businesses in the region, it is highly preferred to recruit a CEO who is located in the vicinity of Pikwakanagan or is willing to relocate.  The CEO is primarily responsible for:


-       Exercising sound judgement and taking high-level decisions when exercising all duties and representing the interests of AoPFN LP

-       Being accountable to the Board of Directors and keeping them informed of all key results areas and operations and financials

-       Developing and implementing operational policies and sound strategic planning

-       Establishing evaluations, performance indicators and measures for effective monitoring and reporting

-       Applying sound principles and practices related to: contracts; contract law; partnerships; negotiations and follow-ups; applications; records and information management approaches; communication and public relations; AoPFN representation and presentations; and media relations from time to time.

-       Acting as the primary spokesperson for the Limited Partnership

-       Developing the Limited Partnership’s culture and overall vision

-       Leading, recruiting and retaining a strong capable AoPFN LP workforce

-       Creating an environment that promotes performance excellence and positive morale

-       Overseeing and accountability of all Limited Partnership’s fiscal activity, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing

-       Ensuring that appropriate steps are taken to keep business operations in compliance with relevant legislation and regulations (employment standards, environmental, accounting, etc)

-       Working with the Board of Directors to determine values and mission, and plan for short and long-term goals

-       Identifying and addressing opportunities and areas for improvement for the Limited Partnership

-       Fostering and maintaining alliances and partnerships with other organizations

-       Overseeing day-to-day operation of the Limited Partnerships

-       Implementing the overall, long–term business plan approved by the Board of Directors

-       Developing operational plans and budgets for existing business units for Board of Directors approval

-       Developing business cases for proposed investments and business ventures for Board of Directors approval

-       Maintaining professional relationships with major clients, suppliers and other stakeholders

-       Representing the Limited Partnership at various conferences, meetings and other public events, including quarterly/annual shareholder meetings

-       Preparing and using financial information and other reports as part of managing the ongoing operations of the Limited Partnership

-       Chairing meetings of the Board of Directors

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