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Job Hunting During the Holidays

Most people think that the holidays aren’t a good time to do your
job search but this is a misconception that can have people missing out on the
right job! You should NEVER stop your job search.

People assume that the holiday period results in a slowdown or
stoppage of business activity. In fact, most people who retire leave at the end
of the year which leaves a gap starting in the New Year. And of course business
decisions happen all year and people can change careers at any time so every
day is a good day to look for a job.

Let’s also talk about the benefits of networking and the holidays
– what a perfect time (and reason) to connect to business prospects. Did you
have a stellar interview last March at that company you were sure you got the
job at but didn’t? Send the interviewer a holiday email wishing them a happy
holiday. This again puts you in their mind as a potential candidate. Be sure to
also take the time to let friends and acquaintances know you’re in the market
for a new job when you stop in the street to wish them season’s greetings.

In the week between Christmas and New Year’s, use this time to
reflect on your job search and see what needs to be changed or honed for the
New Year. What worked? What didn’t work? What did you learn? Use this to help
you plan for the year ahead. Maybe a career change is needed. Be sure to take a
little break for yourself…finding a new job can be a full time job in itself
so you’ll need the time to relax and refresh.

In January, hit the groud running. Come January 2, it’s business
as usual. It’s also a good time to even find contract work. A lot of
organizations end their fiscal year on March 31st and will need the extra help
meeting targets for their year end. As well, January is a good time to go back
to school. Most employment agencies (i.e. Career Edge) offer Second Career. You
can call our office to see what options are best for you.

Good luck this holiday season. Maybe Santa will give you your
dream job for Christmas!

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