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Interested in starting your own business?

Do you have an idea for a new business? Career Edge can provide assistance. Over the years, I have helped a number of individuals do just that. First, I help the interested individual to review their skills and background to help them determine how prepared they are. If you have a well thought out plan and   all that’s missing is the business background, I can offer assistance with your goal.

First, I review the process needed in order to be approved by the Ministry of Training. Colleges and Universities with you.  If you are eligible and decide to move forward, I can help you with the paperwork, review your business summary, and offer suggestions.  Together, we complete a detailed report outlining your activities and your background to assist the Ministry in deciding if your business proposal is solid.

If successful, you receive 5 weeks of business training and support and mentorship for a full year after the training and help form business plan writer.

Susan GilbertEmployment Counsellor


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