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Standard CPR & First Aid « C” with AED RCR

This is a 2 day course. First Aid & CPR training is basic knowledge delivered in easy-to-follow steps. Our courses teach simple routines that can apply to a variety of situations, from minor injuries to more severe injuries and conditions. This knowledge can turn your clients from a bystander into someone who has the knowledge and skills to help: someone who can save a life! Please note that all First Aid Courses come complete with a CPR Level C (Basic Rescuer) certificate.  *CPR/First Aid that is offered in some offices may differ in price and length*

There is a $120.00 fee due in advance for this seminar which covers the cost of your 2 day certification and secures your spot in the course.

All workshops with a fee cannot be booked by RSVP through the website as the payment confirms your spot.  Please visit our office to sign up.  All workshop fees are payable in CASH ONLY.  Please bring exact change.


Located in Picton

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