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Belleville Police Services – Criminal Record Check

The Belleville Police Service is advising that a change in the way Criminal Record Checks will be processed will start on Monday, November, 242014 as well as the application itself will be different in appearance.


The Belleville Police Service is encouraging those seeking a criminal record check to visit the Belleville Police Service website at and make the application on line. The new service means convenient access online, 24/7/365 on any device with internet service. Identification will be verified on-line, payment can be either by credit card or Interact bank transfer. Upon the verification of the identification, the application will be processed. The applicant can track the progress on line as well.  When the criminal record check is completed, it will be mailed to the applicant at the address that was provided.


The Belleville Police Service will continue to accept criminal record check applications at the Belleville Police Service, but with limited hours effective Monday, November 24th, 2014. Hours will be Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm ONLY.


The Belleville Police Service are offering anyone who uses the on line system a $10.00 discount off the front counter fees as an incentive and thank you, for using the new on line service.


Costs to apply online vs attending in person is as follows:

  • Online fees – $15.00
  • At the counter – $25.00.
  • The final CR check will be mailed to them


The Belleville Police Service is advising that the $20.00 fingerprint fee will be waived for volunteers whose initial query on the RCMP database when the Venerable Sector  screening has revealed that the applicants birthdate and gender is a match to an individual who has received a record suspension (Pardon) for a sexual offence. This is a possibility when applying for the Vulnerable Sector screening, and necessitates the attendance of the individual so that the Belleville Police Service may take fingerprints for comparison to these records to complete the screening process.

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