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5 Things To Do To Land Your Dream Job


When in college, you may be tempted to think that getting a job is easy. However, the reality is that it can be a daunting task especially if you have little knowledge on how to go about it. The following are some of the best ways to start your job seeking.

1. Prepare a resume

A resume is a crucial requirement when starting a job search. It gives potential employers the first impression of you and determines whether or not you will proceed to the next step which is attending an interview. You should, therefore, ensure that you highlight all your achievements and accomplishments, commendations and anything else that may be relevant in selling yourself. If you haven’t written one before, it would be a good idea to get an expert to help you out.

2. Use your network

In today’s world, your papers are not enough to land you a job; you need to network . The people you know and those who know you will highly determine where and when you get employed. Networking will not only help you make new friends, but it will also assist you to identify vacancies that have not been advertised. Hence when seeking a job, you need to identify people who are in a position to help and talk to them. These individuals could hasten your getting a job through making referrals.

3. Know exactly what you want

Identify the companies you want to work for and the position you are looking forward to. Choosing where you want to work will make it easy for you to stay focused during your job search. Some of the factors to consider when selecting an ideal company include:

  • Excellent customer service– Companies that treat their customers well are more likely to be reputable. A good customer service system is handy in helping a company to take care of its customers’ needs and solving their problems.
  • Excellent working environment – A working environment where employees get along and work together is vital in determining how satisfied you will be with your job.
  • Great company culture– You should choose to work for a company that has a healthy culture . Look out for enterprises that encourage values such as creativity and teamwork.

Making up your mind will also make it easy for you to decide on what to write on your resume and the cover letter. This is because different positions require different skills and experience. Being focused will help you to list only the skills that are relevant to the particular job you are applying for.

4. Make your social media history clean

Nowadays employers are going beyond just hiring people based on their qualifications. It is commonplace for employers today to use social media to determine the kind of person you are before deciding on whether to give you a job or not. Thus, there is need to take charge of what you post online. Also, if there are unpleasant things you had written before make sure to clean them up before making applications for jobs.

5. Be optimistic

During your job hunt, it is essential to avoid getting stressed and frustrated. Keep in mind that lack of feedback and rejections is part of the process and promise yourself that whatever happens, you are going to stay confident and positive. Make sure to keep in touch with those people that are closest to you like your family and friends for encouragement and support.

Whether you have just graduated or you want to change positions, it is essential to come up with a plan on how to job hunt. This will help avoid the inconveniences that come with job hunting and make it easy for you to land your dream job.

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